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What is Chemical Bonding?


Chemical bonding is the union between atoms of the same element, or between atoms of different elements to form molecules or compounds.

The reason atoms form union is that they want to attain the same type of electronic configuration (isoelectronic) as the inert gases, in which all the available orbitals are completely filled (so as to be stable). “Everything in life always moves toward states of stability.”

Depending on their electronic structures, there are different types of union atoms can form. The outermost electrons in the atoms (i.e. the valence electrons) are used in making these unions or associations or bonds.

There are different types of chemical bonding, which include:

Ionic Bonding 
Covalent Bonding
Co-ordinate (Dative) Bonding
Metallic Bonding
van der waal Forces
Hydrogen Bonding




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